Toronto-Based Pet Seller - Furbabys- Causes Serious Emotional Stress To Pet Owners

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Toronto-based pet seller - furbabys - sells a silver Yorkshire Terrier to a woman looking for one in gold and black.

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A Toronto woman, after the passing of a beloved female Yorkshire Terrier, reached out to a Toronto-based pet seller, Furbabys, through its online website at (Instagram . The woman shared her personal stories with her previous pet and communicated with Furbabys that she "just wanted another her." In addition to the personal stories shared, photos of the previous pet were shared with Furbabys.

The woman had indicated that she wanted another Yorkie in gold/black, specifically not silver. After the seller confirmed that "ours are black and gold," and mentioned nothing else more, the woman proceeded with the purchase. But only to find out, a year later, that the new Yorkie turned out to be silver-colored.

After approaching Furbabys about the incident, the seller showed no remorse as to what had happened and responded to the woman that the "color can never be guaranteed."

The woman explained that had they indicated that it could not be guaranteed before the purchase, she wouldn't have proceeded with the purchase. And that the response received - "ours are black and gold" - was misleading. Furbabys responded and said, "returning puppies over colors is a heartless move," and asked the woman if she'd like to return the pet.

"This is outrageous, I don't want to return Machi (the name of the new Yorkie) as she is family now," the woman said, "the company showed absolutely no remorse on the result of their sales-focused practices and failed to understand the emotional attachments between pet owners and their pets."

The company's website - - also does not mention anything regarding "colors cannot be guaranteed" on any of its pages. Reference: attached screenshots

"I hope no other pet owners who have lost their loved ones will ever have to experience what I just went through," said the woman. "I know a few other pet owners who also purchased Yorkies from Furbabys under the same impression that they are gold and black in color - I hope that will remain the case for them."




Coverage provided by Whohou Marketplace on November 1, 2022

November 9, 2022 Coverage Update

Toronto-Based Pet Seller - Furbabys- accuses the Toronto woman of extortion

An Instagram account @whohoumarketplace speaks out for the Toronto woman on the incident.

"We are simply speaking out on what had happened with a focus on the pet seller's failure to communicate to the Toronto woman on the purchase of the puppy prior to the transaction taking place," said @whohoumarketplace, "we believe people deserve to hear the other side of the story. We didn't get paid to do this, nor are we asking for anything in return from the pet seller."

"We do not represent the buyer, nor are we speaking on behalf of the buyer. We are simply speaking out for the victim based on what had happened," said @whohoumarketplace. "we have seen concrete evidence from online messages between the parties that Furbabys did not mention anything regarding colors cannot be guaranteed with the Toronto woman prior to collecting a deposit and completing the transaction."

"We don't care what happened between the buyer and the seller during the dispute post-sale. Our focus has always been on the pet seller's failure to communicate the terms clearly and ensure the terms are understood fully by the buyer before completing a transaction."

"We believe any seller of products or services has the responsibility to ensure terms of sales are presented, communicated, and understood between all parties in any transaction," said @whohoumarketplace. "however, the seller seems to be trying very hard to shift the focus away, and repeating many things that never happened, including some serious accusations, of which we have informed the pet seller privately via their online contact form."

ref: Instagram communications screenshot, identities other than @whohoumarketplace and @furbabyscanada have been censored for privacy purposes.

ref: communication over online contact form.

November 10, 2022 Coverage Update

ref: Instagram communications screenshot

"The seller continues to defame the buyer with false accusation of extortion. From what we know, after the Toronto woman has reached out to the seller regarding the incident, the seller initiated the topic on returning of the pet for refund," said @whohoumarketplace, "at the same time informing to the buyer that returning of the dog on color is a heartless move, while the buyer has never thought of returning of the dog in the first place."

"If seller doesn't offer the return of pets in the first place, as per Furbabys IG response, why would such offer be made to the buyer in the first place? further escalated by hinting the buyer is heartless should she return the pet?" said @whohoumarketplace. "the amount of misleading information is simply overwhelming. There is a misinformed customer who has suffered from sales-driven practices, and will continue to suffer. Instead of de-escalating the matter, the seller denies all responsibility from the start and has never offered sincere apologies to the victim."

December 8, 2022 Coverage Update

"We confirmed with the buyer on Furbabys Canada's claim that - They warned that they would post publicly to damage Furbabys reputation if they weren't given that. - was a blatant lie in public, said @whohoumarketplace. "At no point the buyer mentioned such comment. Furbabys Canada's continued accusation of the buyer using a public platform for extortion is also completely false as the buyer never had such intent at all."

"We have demanded an apology from Furbabys Canada and have not yet received a response," said @whohoumarketplace. "Furbabys Canada also did not give the buyer any contract on the purchase of the dog for the buyer to review. Just lies after lies."

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